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How can government to get a grip on youth vaping

As a mother of two daughters of school age, the UK’s youth vaping epidemic keeps me up at night.  My children have told me about swathes of young teens puffing on multi-coloured pens and a new-wave culture of smoking. Like cigarettes, these products contain nicotine, making them addictive and harmful for our children’s health.  On the Conservatives’ […]

Five Million People Can’t Afford Basic Living Standards

The charity has accused politicians of “burying their heads in the sand” over the scale of the crisis.  The new research seen by PoliticsHome found the number of people living in negative budgets is up by more than 50 per cent compared to 2020, increasing from 3.25m at the start of 2020 to 5m currently. A further […]

Childcare Sector Warns Of “Postcode Lottery” For Availability Of Free Hours

From April this year, eligible working parents of two year olds will be able to claim 15 hours a week of free childcare, but there is growing concern that the sector will not consistently have the resource to provide the places. Centre-right think tank Onward, which has been instrumental in campaigning for improved availability of pre-school […]

Britain’s smoking ban just another blow for parliament’s Pipe and Cigar Club

The chairman of the Commons and Lords Pipe and Cigar Club has an alarming confession. “I’ve never smoked,” says Michael Morris, an 87-year old Conservative peer, whose official title is Lord Naseby. “Actually, that’s not quite true,” he goes on. “I did smoke the odd cigar at university, but I’ve never smoked cigarettes.” These days […]

Report Shows Thousands Of Children Under Six Being Sexually Abused Online

A new report by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), the first analysis of its kind, has revealed widespread online sexual abuse of three to six-year-old children while they are using household devices. Thousands of images and videos analysed by the IWF show children being manipulated into “disturbing” sexual acts on camera, including penetration, masturbation, bestiality, and […]

How to Solve the Housing Problem in the UK?

It is no stretch to claim that housing in the UK is a persistent and intractable public policy problem. It is also no stretch to suggest that current policy strategies are broadly frustrating goals of inequality reduction and decarbonisation. A housing market predicated on the generation of capital for owners, rather than the fulfilment of […]