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Five Million People Can’t Afford Basic Living Standards

The charity has accused politicians of “burying their heads in the sand” over the scale of the crisis.  The new research seen by PoliticsHome found the number of people living in negative budgets is up by more than 50 per cent compared to 2020, increasing from 3.25m at the start of 2020 to 5m currently. A further […]

US and UK impose fresh Iran sanctions in wake of Israel attack

LONDON — The United States and United Kingdom unveiled fresh sanctions in the wake of Iran’s attack on Israel. The U.S. Treasury Department announced Thursday that 16 individuals and two entities “enabling” Iranian drone production have been sanctioned. A concurrent announcement from the U.K. confirmed Britain has also sanctioned seven individuals and six entities who it said […]

Germany arrests EU Parliament staffer over bombshell claims he spied for China

German police arrested an Alternative for Germany (AfD) aide who works in the European Parliament over accusations he spied for China. The staffer, named as Jian G. by German authorities, works for MEP Maximilian Krah, who is the AfD’s top candidate in the European Parliament election in June. “Jian G. is an employee of a Chinese secret […]

Every British MP suspended by their party since 2019

Meet Britain’s fastest-growing political group: the suspended MPs. Booted out of their political tribes — at least temporarily — over a variety of headline-grabbing controversies, these British lawmakers are now sitting in the House of Commons as independent MPs. Incredibly, the nomadic bloc now totals 18 members of parliament — and actually outnumbers Britain’s fourth-largest […]

Germany urges UK’s Rishi Sunak to spend big on defense

LONDON — Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has grown wearily accustomed to calls for more defense spending from within his U.K. Conservative Party. But as the PM embarks on a rare overseas trip amidst a seismic year in British politics, he’s likely to hear the same message from one of the U.K.’s most prominent allies. Sunak […]

Smaller Parties Could Encourage Rethink Of Parliament Rules

The Standing Orders of the House of Commons – the written rules which regulate the proceedings of the House – only refer to the government, the official opposition, and the second largest opposition party, which is currently the SNP. They make provision for opposition days, and also regulate other parts of business such as time limits […]

Tory MPs Want “Security” To Dominate Their General Election Campaign

Tory backbenchers are urging No. 10 to consider making it a dominant and recurring theme of the campaign, covering not just national security and the issue of defence, but energy security and people feeling secure on their streets. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has so far refused to set out a specific date for the next general election, despite repeated […]

Government Has Scaled Back The Renters’ Reform Bill

The pledge to abolish Section 21 no-fault evictions is a cornerstone of Michael Gove’s landmark legislation to reform the private rental sector, but has been met with fierce backlash from some Conservative backbenchers and landlords. A letter from levelling up minister Jacob Young sent to Tory MPs on Thursday, first reported byThe Sun, lays out a series of amendments […]

Crime Bill Could Give Police Chiefs Power To Automatically Dismiss Officers

Police officers could have to hand over their phones if suspected of gross misconduct, and be automatically dismissed if convicted of a serious offence if changes to the government’s Criminal Justice Bill proposed by Labour MP Harriet Harman are accepted. Former justice minister and solicitor general Harman is hoping to amend the government’s flagship crime bill […]